Our Waters

Locally, in collaboration with Harlow Council, we control the fishing on both Netteswell and Oakwood ponds as well as a substantial stretch of the River Stort between Parndon and Harlow Mills. All these waters are well stocked with various species of fish. Day and Season tickets are available for all waters (with concessions) whilst Society membership fees allow members to fish freely in Harlow.
Netteswell Pond
Type of Water: Lake - Still Water
No Closed Season
Species of fish at venue:
                                       Bream                                       Common Carp    
                                       Rudd                                          Crusian Carp
                                       Roach                                        Gudgeon
Harlow Study Car Park, St. Andrews Meadow, Harlow CM18 6BL
Harlow Study Centre which is sign posted on all major routes in Harlow

Oakwood Pond
At present this pond has been dredged and we are now seeking funding to restore the spring fed water supply to the pond. This could take some time, and in the meanwhile there are no fish present in this pond.
River Stort
Harlow Mill Lock to Parndon Mill Lock
Type of Water: Navigational River (Canalised River)
Closed Season: 15 March to 16 June
Species of fish at venue:
                                                 Bream                                       Carp    
                                                 Chub                                          Rudd
                                                 Roach                                        Tench
                                                 Dace                                           Perch