​Pairs Knockout

​Holders: Danny Cruse & Malcolm Gregg

First Round @ Berkhampstead
Bill Beehan & Peter Wallis beat Danny Cruse & Alan Henson
Dave Sellick & Brian Walker beat Mick Westby & Stan Ruben
Gary Cruse & John Dodson beat Kevin Shaw & Gary Morgan
Tony Henson & Colin Cotterell beat Steve Beehan & Malcolm Gregg
 Roy Deadman & Graham Taylor beat Tony Harmes & Roz Ruben
Mick Burrell & Alan Heywood received a bye

Rounds to be fished over at Berkhampstead, Staines, 40 ft Drain with the final at Lake John

There will be a new draw after each round

Previous Winners
2018: Danny Cruse & Malcolm Gregg
2017: John Dodson & Steve Beehan
2016: Danny Cruse & Roz Ruben