​Singles Knockout

​Holder - Danny Cruse

Second Round @ Willows Match Lake
Steve Beehan v Tony Henson
Roy Deadman v Colin Cotterell
Mick Burrell v Mick Westby
Kevin Shaw, Dave Sellick, Brian Walker, Roz Ruben and Gary Cruse have byes

First Round @ Berkhampstead
Roz Ruben beat Stan Ruben
Steve Beehan beat Gary Morgan
 Kevin Shaw beat Tony Harmes
Tony Henson beat Alan Henson
Roy Deadman beat Danny Cruse
Dave Sellick beat Alan Heywood
Colin Cotterell beat Peter Wallis
Mick Westby beat Malcolm Gregg
Brian Walker beat John Dodson
Mick Burrell beat Bill Beehan
Gary Cruse beat Graham Taylor

Rounds to be fished at Berkhampstead, Willows, Stambridge Lakes, Rib Valley
with the final on the 40ft Drain 

There will be a new draw after each round

Previous Winners
2018: Danny Cruse
2017:  Danny Cruse
2016: Tony Harmes